MGM Compro TMM 25063-3 X2 Series for Race Boats

The X2 SERIES controllers are exceptional in every detail and completely change the paradigm for standard modelling electronics. High performance, high speeds and high efficiency with more options, increased quality, increased reliability and exclusive design.

We recommend the MGM controller with the following options

USBCOM4 - device for controller connection with PC
CC_11 - Connecting cable between controller and USBCOM
Motor Temperature Measuring/Monitoring
Operation of Sensored/Sensorless Motors
ON/OFF switch
WP (increased protection against water)
Water-Cooled Heat sinks
Power Conductors 10.0 mm
Internal Data Logger (data recorder)
Telemetry (back data transfer)

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Software updates available through internet
Reading-out of data from the controller using a PC
Programming using PCICS-2 connector super-fast PC connection link
Plug and Play (Fully functional immediately)

Unique 32-BIT SYSTEM
4 Memory Banks
Compatible with all types of feeding cells

Li-Po feeding cells 4 - 15
Operating voltage 12V - 63V
Max. continuous current (full throttle) 250A
Max. peak current (peak 5 sec. burst) 360A

Available BEC / OPTO versions OPTO
Number of regulation steps 2048
Motor PWM frequency 8 - 32 kHz
On-state switch (FET's) resistance at 25 C2 0.8 mV
Max RPM's 250.000
Weight without power conductors 300g