Custom Parts

Custom parts don't have to be a hassle. There are several steps that can be undertaken to insure your part is produced the best possible way it can be. The philosophy is simple, measure twice cut once.

1. If you have the facility to produce a DXF or EPS file at the correct size/shape of the part, that would be the ultimate and quickest.

2. Not familiar with CAD or other drawing/production software? We can use a simple computer scan of a drawing, cardboard template or other material that you have made to fit already. A 3D Image and a printable PDF file will be emailed back to you, to insure all the measurements are correct before cutting the actual part.

3. Leave the complete creative to us. Briefly explain in an email what you expect and what you like, and we will do the rest. Motor mounts and other parts that fit in or around the sponson area must be made in cardboard and scanned before a layout can commence. (unless we have it on file already) This is the only way we can insure that the part will fit.

(3D illustration of the parts before cutting)
(Finished set)

Click here for a short production video of how it's made